Saturday, February 21, 2009

Offsprung Young

One advantage of being a photographer is that you can image your young without leaving the house.    This is Kelly, who is now a sophomore at SLU, between age two and three.  In the color shot she is wearing the dress her mom made for her to wear to the Nutcracker.  


  1. When I first got here I couldn't believe they tickle kids to make them smile for a photo. Russian photos are not always smiley but no less expressive. here many people start smiling when they see a camera like they are at the dentist. that's why the best photos are the ones with normal lifelike facial expressions, like the ones you have.

  2. I agree with MV on the facial expressions. All of my kids had a creepy not quite smile that they used for photos. It looked less like they were happy or comfortable and more like someone was holding a gun to their head and they were trying not to trick the police into thinking it's ok. My favorite shots are of them when they were just being kids.

  3. And I agree with both of you! Thanks.