Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Homes Tour, Six Mansions & A Church

Another fabulous tour of mansions in Historic Northeast Kansas City will take place Sunday, December 13th and will also feature a concert by the KC Boys' Choir and the KC Girls' Choir.
The tour begins at 3pm with registration at 2:30 in Melrose Methodist Church (which is also part of the Tour) 200 North Bales, 64123. Other stops on the Tour are five homes on Gladstone Boulevard and Corinthian Hall, the Kansas City Museum, where hard hat tours will be given of the renovation that's underway. For more information click on the flyer at the bottom of this post.
Above, Melrose Methodist Church... original building on the west (left) 1889, addition on the east 1928.
Above built in 1900 for Rollins Hockaday.
Above, Calvert Hunt home 1904.
Above Scarritt-Royster home ca 1897.
Above, Judge Edward Steven's home 1902. Below, Nathan English home 1905.
Hard hat tours will be given of Corinthian Hall below showing the ongoing renovation.


  1. Wow, those were some rich people who built houses like that!

  2. R.A. Long, who built Corinthian Hall (the bottom one) was worth about 11 million dollars in 1909.... Scarritt was a Judge and also into real estate... he built the Scarritt Building in downtown KC. The others were merchants, bankers and judges.

  3. i think i'm going to have to abandon my studies and just go to fun things like a friend's engagement party, the homes tour, etc. i can't take this. bleh. i think the calvert hunt house has a whipped cream crown. also, dodging traffic, etc., i had never noticed that melrose was a two-part structure. yay for photographic perspective.

  4. well, i could claim that i can't do stairs.
    or $40.
    (*unless there is a lot of wine and food and a have a ride home or can sleep in the igloo)

  5. There's food. And the Calvert Hunt home alone is worth the ticket price.... not seen by the public since 1912.

  6. The food/goodies have been prepared by a professional chef. There are carriage rides included in the price, and there will be professional carolers strolling the boulevard and a Children's Concert in the Church, -which has been professionally decorated by Three French Hens! Worth every penny! The proceeds benefit Good Samaritan PROJECT. The Calvert Hunt home could be one of the most architecturally important homes in the region! Please come check it out!

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