Tuesday, May 18, 2010

God Was Doing Frank Gehry Before Frank Gehry Did Frank Gehry

The architect known for the Disney Theatre loves petals in metal..... and I like his work. But, it's been done before... organically. I posted a picture yesterday of a bud. That shot was taken early yesterday morning. Today it's a full fledged rose bloom with a tenant.
Talk about quick..... built in 1 1/2 days and new tenant right upon completion.
These were taken with the 105mm Micro Nikkor with and without the TC17E extender. The extender allows me to get the same magnification from further back thus allowing minimal intrusion on the critter. Tripod used in these shots.

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  1. that said, Gehry would no doubt agree with your statement. Critics would say that's where he got his inspiration, coming full circle.

    great shots, again. thanks

    KC Photog Blog
    Mo Rage