Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bridge(s) Over The River Kaw

On the west side of the West Bottoms next to the Kaw are a series of bridges for foot, biking, train and auto traffic. I've used the foot bridge many times both on foot and on bike... You can bike safely from my house in Northeast KC along Cliff Drive, through the City Market, down to the West Bottoms and over the Kaw to Strawberry Hill. It's a great ride...
Train bridge above... a lot of private boating on the Kaw below.

Lots of triangles in construction.... makes for nice photographs too.
Above... standing on the pedestrian bridge looking at the Lewis and Clark Bridge (green) and the railroad bridge beyond.

Above... the gates on the pedestrian walkway are rarely closed... but are very interesting...
Above... bike path through a cathedral.... looking east....


  1. like architecture.
    bicycle of old days, hmm.
    river looks muddy.

  2. Kaw river= Kansas River, right?