Monday, May 31, 2010

In Remembrance and Celebration

After lunch at Ponaks' with The Kid and The Boyfriend (hers) I headed over to Liberty Memorial. Good crowd on hand to tour the Museum and see the exhibits of military vehicles and equipment.

Above, Vietnam era guide explained the gear used at the time.... same stuff that Hyper used.
Above, lots of vets on hand to give personal remembrances of what it was like.....
Below... the WWII scooter and motorcycle display was very popular....

The Walk of Fame is in place now.... divided up by conflicts and services.

Trips to the top of the Memorial were extremely popular... the line was even longer when I left.

Above, the Kauffman Performing Arts Center is coming right along.... due to open in 2011.
Above, looking south, below the fountain from above.

Looking west into KK..... while a little warm it was a beautiful day.... the clouds were gorgeous.
On the way back to the car the Scooter crowd was even bigger.


  1. Top of the memorial is way more enjoyable than empire state building for tenth of the price.

  2. It was free today.... but I didn't have time for the line....

  3. My favorite clouds that day, fer sher!