Monday, May 17, 2010

Of Trees and Wildflowers and Leaves Oh My

You've probably guessed that I love nature.... the part that doesn't tear up your house but just looks pretty. These first three shots were taken in my back yard... the Japanese Maple is very happy this year and the rose is just waiting for one more warm day.

My favorite tree in Kessler Park and the view the tree has of downtown. A couple more years and the skyline will only be seen in winter.

The bluff above and moss below.
Couldn't find the name below....

Below, invasive and evil Bush Honeysuckle tries to make amends with pretty and fragrant blossoms. Above, Multiflora Rose....

Virginia Bluebells above Daisy Fleabane below.

The roadsides have never been greener.... above/ below, Columbine.


  1. you can replace Charles Gusewelle when he retires:you are old(er), love nature,take photos. it's a good paying gig if you can get it

  2. and while you're at it, walt bodine …

  3. Gina's the only one who could replace Walt.... KCUR took the best radio interviewer in Kansas City off the air and replaced her with rotating voices.... me no like no more.