Friday, May 21, 2010

"Kiosk" of French Derivation for Scenic Byway Application

The information kiosks for the Cliff Drive Scenic Byway are up and informing. Located at the west entrance to the Drive, The Paseo Gateway, and at the entrance adjacent to the Kansas City Museum they display information about the City Beautiful Movement which created our early system of Parks and Boulevards and also a little history of the area. There are three informational sides and a fourth with a cork billboard for residents to post notices....The word "kiosk" which I always thought was Russian because all their words are weird is actually an amalgam of French (kiosque) Turkish (kosk) and Persian (kus)... all meaning "pavillion."
I think they are finely designed and match their surroundings nicely.


  1. Hey, where's the Ruthanne info?? That was supposed to be there instead of the cork board! Maybe it's still coming?

  2. Nope... not coming.... she's just getting the honorary street name.