Friday, November 12, 2010

Hyper Storms Onto Card

UPDATE: The cards are also available online: Kansas City Museum has release it's Christmas Card for 2010 and Hyper is proud to have one of his images of Corinthian Hall on the cover. Top is the cover and below is the back. The inside is blank for any message you might want to write. The cards are available for sale in the Museum's visitor's center. My power was off--as was most of the city's--and I really left to take pictures just because the car would be warm.
Thanks to Christopher and Andrew and the whole crew at the Museum for the honor and their friendship.


  1. Fame,
    You're gonna live forever

  2. Congratulations, Hyper! That's fantastic! (the photo and the fact that they used yours, both, of course).

    KC Photog Blog

  3. That is one of the most beautiful photographs that I've seen. Seriously. Great job!

  4. Great stuff! Yes, it was cold--two inches of ice on the car--no power for three days.

    Give me snow any day!

    Congrats on being published.

  5. I have this photo, David -- gorgeous! I think I will buy some cards.