Friday, November 26, 2010

Cliff Drive Ruins Dos

In my first "ruins" post ( I showed images of structural remains at the foot of Gooseneck (below the Museum along Cliff Drive). This post shows ruins along Paseo just south of Gate 1 to Cliff Drive not far from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.. Above old brick foundation...
Above and below, stone walls.

Above and below inside the old walls. According to an old Sanborn map this building was a brick foundry....

Above, old doorway.
These photos were taken on a warm day in January 1998. Shot with an F4 on T-Max 400.... not my favorite film. For you old timers my favorite film was Panatomic-X... Slow as molasses... but beautiful, detailed images... perfect for studio work too. Kodak discontinued it in favor of T-Max 100 which was the beginning of the end for Kodak as far as I'm concerned.
Above is Hyper with daughter Kelly, then aged 9... for scale.... not far from these ruins are piles of very interesting and ornate rubble... Kelly sits atop a column remnant below...

Above Kelly and friend, Brad, a fellow bluff explorer.

Whatever this used to be it was rather grand.

Another set of remains above.


  1. This can't be that old and I am surprised you didn't find some old photos of this thing. Maybe a library trip is in your future.

  2. It shows up, I believe, on the 1880s Sanborn map.... Brad looked it up and I can't remember for sure. If it lasted into the 1900s then there might be a City Directory listing for it... but don't have a name or a street.... yet.

  3. So very interesting. It is easy to forget that this city has some history behind it. I was in midtown not long ago and found myself enjoying the older buildings there.

    I am glad you are pretty vague on location...I would hate for the wrong sort of people to find the site...

  4. i think i HAVE been there, unless you shared pics before. i didn't know you in 1998. hmm. maybe it was someone else who took me down there … or maybe i was just out wandering by myself. did not see the fancy-architecture part.