Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Budds For You

Judge Azariah Budd (1824-1890) Made Northeast his home and, on his death, gave back to the community donating 21 acres of his property to the city for a park to bear his name. The only stipulation was that the City was to give give his surviving wife a stipend of $3,000 per year until she passed away. Naturally some contested the legality of the city doing so... but a judge ruled it was legal. Below this shot of the park is an entry detailing the transaction.

Budd is well maintained by Parks and Rec and has cleanups by the Indian Mound Neighborhood Association a few times a year... it has been staying remarkably clean lately.

Walkers use the paths morning and evening for exercise.... it's particularly nice with the fall colors.

In Northeast in many of the street corners (including the one Hyper lives on) are tiles giving the cross street name. Parks has been successful in duplicating the look when sections of the sidewalks have to be redone. Hypers street says "Lakota Avenue"... which was its name until the mid-thirties when the City Council changed it to Sunrise Drive.
There are two playgrounds, one is shown above, and a swimming pool, below. A soccer field, ball diamond, basketball court and several shelter houses.

Above... the Budd House still stands on the south side of the park on Budd Park Esplanade... when I was growing up there were remains of a barn on Hardesty Avenue just a block away from the house....
It's still a single-family residence and is being restored....

There is a massive oak that could date from the Budd years in the yard on the east side.... massive tree.

We are lucky over here to have such great parks.... and thanks to the Judge for his donation :)


  1. You need to spice up your reporting, put some edge into it, like broken glass or a skunk attack

  2. so few Kansas Citians know of the Northeast area, I think. It's a great thing you're here (there) to document it in pictures and stories.


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