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Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Walk In The Park

 Headed out to Loose Park today just to wander.   Gray days are often good for photographs as the light is very gentle and doesn't wash out what colors there are.  A little cool.  First thing I saw (below) was a bride and groom having pictures taken..this is not unusual in Loose Park at all..  as I approached I asked if I could take a couple of shots too.  They had just ( 10 minutes before) gotten married and were now having a picnic.  

 Above and below, congratulations to newlyweds Clint and Meg....  what a beautiful setting.....

       Flowering trees were in full bloom....

 Way early for roses, but still plenty of flowers in the Garden.

     Not too many people in the Park today, but still many walkers and folks were using the main shelter house. There's a new lighting array being installed in the Park... should be very, very nice.

Monday, August 3, 2015


        Your Missouri State Record Cottonwood located on Reservoir Hill in Northeast Kansas City
                                     Certified by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Princess Arrives

The Kansas City Museum hosts the Fairy Princess for the next couple of weeks on weekends starting tomorrow, December 6th.
 For the first time in many years the Throne Room will be in Corinthian Hall and it has been gloriously decorated by Museum Staff and volunteers from the neighborhood.  Children will love this and each child gets a toy.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Tale of Two Bridges

 The new Redbridge Bridge art installations were dedicated Friday.  Top photo the old Redbridge in the foreground, the new Redbridge in the background.    Above, all along the bridge are images of pioneer leaders of early Kansas City.

 There are also cut-outs that extend from the bridge with information on the area and surroundings with great views.

 Above, the old bridge from above... it's been totally rehabbed and is now part of a walking trail... no vehicles allowed...

 On hand for the art reveal were Councilman Scott Taylor, Councilman John Sharp, three re-enactors, and Mark McHenry Director of Kansas City Parks and Recreation.
 Mr. McHenry surrounded by guests from the Hillcrest Community Center who attended the presentation.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Running the Drive: Cliffhanger 2011

Perfect weather for 1300 souls who raced along Cliff Drive in the 5K and 8K Cliffhanger 2011 a benefit for Northeast Neighbor to Neighbor and Gladstone School. You can see all of the images I shot here:

Above the start of the Elite Runners Race beginning at 8am.... below, all ages participated from 5 to 85....

The Drive looked beautiful and the folks were impressed. Parks and Recreation did a great job of getting it ready....
Above and below, the crowd for the second race which began at 9am.

Above and below, the start of the second race.... walkers and runners together....

Young critters.... including, in the carriage, Simon Henggeler, born three weeks ago, pushed by his Mom Jen.....
Some participants had four legs... all shots taken with the Nikon D3 and either the 24-70mm lens or 70 to 300mm lens. ASA 1000 to get a high shutter speed ...usually 250th or 500th... to stop action.... F stops varied... usually around F8.
I am terrifically impressed by those who can smile on the way back.....

After the race participants headed to Gladstone School for pancakes.... eating in the gym.

Above, Pam and Malenda enjoy their reward!!!