Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scarritt Point Rainy Day

The skyline was barely visible through the mist and rain.Took a walk in the rain Wednesday... me, umbrella, camera bag, camera... awkward to say the least. Walked along Scarritt Point just west of the Kansas City Museum/Corinthian Hall. Very foggy, cloudy and wet... but worth the effort because I wasn't alone.

I saw at least six deer and the two turkeys below. I spotted a wild turkey earlier this summer but didn't have a camera with me. Luckily, these two were willing to pose... until they saw me that is.

Below, two does and a fawn. The larger doe was not happy at all to see me. She snorted almost continuously before heading into the woods on the left... the others in tow.

First signs of autumn. The trees are just beginning to change. Should be a beautiful fall.

Kind of a homely bird.... at least they taste good.

Three critters one shot.

Top of the Falls To Ya - Addendum

Here is what "Scarritt Springs" looked like. It was abandoned at the same time the Cliff Drive Springs was due to contamination of the spring water. What is left of it is located directly below the Waterfall talked about below.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top of the Falls to Ya

The falls along Cliff Drive were complete in 1989 and dedicated to Carl DiCapo. Today I decided to visit the falls top and bottom. This water feautre occupies the spot where the Cliff Drive Spring was located. Prior to it's closing in the late 50s many people visited it weekly to fill up jugs with spring water for the rest of the week. Or you could just stick your head under the spigot for a refreshing drink while on a hike.
The view from the top includes the East Bottoms Rail Yard and the horizon.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Downtown Looking Up, Mostly

Old signage. "Hotel Bray" "Fireproof" "Rooms $1.50" (I think on that last one.)
Took a brief walk downtown on Saturday. I like the contrast in architecture. City Center Square on the left, Mark Twain Tower on the right.
Brookfield Building looks completely deserted.
Spoon, Barney Allis Plaza.
Few vines left for the trellis.

Library parking on left... condos on right.
Mark Twain Tower.
Tapestry of styles.
More old signage. Peck's Drygood Store...

Library parking.
Floral alleyway behind condos. Alley is between Baltimore and Wyandotte.
Greening up the alley.
Mark Twain Tower entrance.
Mark Twain Tower facade.

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Get Me To The Church On Time'

I'm now going to start posting some of my "regular" work..... The things that make food and tuition possible. These are shots from Jason and Andrea's wedding in June. The service was at St. John LaLande Catholic church in Blue Springs and the reception was at nearby Vesper Hall.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lunch at Gillis

No pictures... we were all in disguise.... had a wonderful lunch today with Meesha, XO and The Kid.... good food, good conversation and no anonymous comments.