Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Trains And Grain Made The City - East Bottoms

Roamed around the East Bottoms over the weekend. Not as busy as it used to be. 


Saturday, July 3, 2021

Cruising The Hood Volume 5

  There's a story that goes with this church on Prospect.  I interviewed a lady who spent part of her childhood in the home on the left (north).  In the time before air conditioning each Sunday her family got to listen to the church service next door as all windows were open.  Her father kept doves as a hobby.  One particular Sunday the service was more fervent than usual and, toward the end of the service, the preacher proclaimed, "Lord, we ask that you give each of us a sign of your love."  Her father at that moment took one of his doves and tossed it across the narrow alley into the sanctuary. Christian bedlam ensued . Many were saved that day and none the wiser. 
                                     Northeast homes decked out in their Summer finery. 

Above and below, Independence Boulevard Christian Church. 

                     Above, all new windows.   Below, all new construction at St. John and Benton. 


Saturday, June 26, 2021

Cruising The Hood Volume 4

Above and below, 9th and Van Brunt...used to be the old trolley/bus barn.  Now soccer fields  and neighborhood gathering place. 

Above and below.  Elmwood Cemetery.  Very well maintained.  Holds lots of KC Mayors and an ex-girlfriend of Abraham Lincoln.  

Above, the chapel, below family vaults. The closest one "Waldo"... like the area of the city.

Above and below, more Elmwood Cemetery.  Below the chapel named for Armour of the meet packing company. 

                                      Above the Northeast Athletic Fields, still used. Below, former Luce Luggage, my mother worked there as a teenager. 
                                                           Below, Van Brunt Boulevard. 


Friday, June 25, 2021

Garden Between Storms

 Had time today for a quick visit to Kauffman Memorial Gardens.  It's in transition to Summer plants.           

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Cruising The Hood Volume 3

                                                                      Gladstone Blvd
                                                   Above and below, the Reservoir.

                                                     Above and below, The Reservoir. 

                                                    Above and below, Reservoir Hill. 

                                                    Above and below, Maple Boulevard. 

                                 Above, Maple Park.  Ball diamond is now a soccer field. 
                               Above Tiffany Castle on Garfield.   Below, Bellefontaine. 

                                                        Gladstone Boulevard and Smart
                                                     Above and below, Sunrise Drive. 

                     Above and below, Sunrise Drive.  My house on right in bottom photo. 

          Above and below, Lexington Avenue.  Top: PH Coffee.  Bottom; Building being renovated. 

                        Above, Pendleton Avenue.   Below, formerly Eastminster Presbyterian.