Monday, December 13, 2021

Christmas At The Saint Francis

The Saint Francis Apartments were built in 1912.  The current owners purchased the building in 2011. 
If you'd like to see what the building looked like before renovation:

Above, Third floor entryway.  Below, entrance to the apartment. 

The Apartments overlook the Concourse in Historic Northeast Kansas City. Renovations are ongoing, major updates ahead. 


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Deck The Halls

This home was built in 1902 for Edward A. Stevens a Kansas City lawyer who dabbled in real estate. The entire cost was $25,000 including the land which was purchased from the Nathan Scarritt family it is almost 8,000 square feet in size. Jeff Zumsteg and J. Grant Linville are the current owners and are continuing the restoration of this beauty .  Each Christmas it is decorated top to bottom.   This Colonial Revival is across the street from the Kansas City Museum . It contains seven bedrooms, three and a half                       baths, eight fireplaces and a ballroom on the third floor. 


Thursday, December 2, 2021

3242 Norledge Renovation Update 6

Bishop Eugene Hendrix and his wife Annie Elizabeth Scarritt built this home in 1887.  This is a brief                                         
                  update of the ongoing work to renovate the home.  Just the first floor is shown. 
Here's a link to the first post on the home:  years-in-
                                 Drywall is finished, along with some painting.  Trim is installed. 
Above, this was originally Bishop Hendrix Office/Study.  Below, original staircase. 

                       Above, living room.  Two below kitchen cabinet installation underway. 

                                               Above, tile finished in one of the bathrooms. 
                                                        Above and below, patio/deck finished.