Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Walk In The Garden

Visited Kauffman Gardens just ahead of the rain.



Saturday, July 3, 2021

Cruising The Hood Volume 5

  There's a story that goes with this church on Prospect.  I interviewed a lady who spent part of her childhood in the home on the left (north).  In the time before air conditioning each Sunday her family got to listen to the church service next door as all windows were open.  Her father kept doves as a hobby.  One particular Sunday the service was more fervent than usual and, toward the end of the service, the preacher proclaimed, "Lord, we ask that you give each of us a sign of your love."  Her father at that moment took one of his doves and tossed it across the narrow alley into the sanctuary. Christian bedlam ensued . Many were saved that day and none the wiser. 
                                     Northeast homes decked out in their Summer finery. 

Above and below, Independence Boulevard Christian Church. 

                     Above, all new windows.   Below, all new construction at St. John and Benton.