Friday, November 24, 2017

Kan Kan Restore

Got to photograph this delightful little property in a part of the Greater Kansas City area that I didn't know existed.   The back yard runs right up to the State Line...

                                          Eric and Erica did most of the work themselves.

                               This side of the back fence is Kansas, the other side is Missouri.  

Family Thanksgiving 2017

 Grandpa and Ethan.  For you camera geeks, these were all taken at ISO 8,000.
So many squirrels, so little time. 

 Hudson and AMANDA   (she said I have to print her name in ALL CAPS. )

 Hudson reading to Aunt Rachel and Cousin Ethan.
 Mrs. Aunt Di.... sampling.
 John and Amanda.
 Ethan side-eye.
 OK start the party I'm here.  Ralph.
 Madison the Dancer.
 Madison the Dancer closer.
 Taylor the Freshwoman.
 Aunt Di giving the bird.
 Taylor being uninhibited.
 Three weirdos.
 Two weirdos.
 One weirdo.
 Looking at family pictures from the really olden days.

 50% of the children are camera aware.
 "What'chu talkin' about Willis."
 Dinner dissection.
 I'm not sure, but they are rather close.
 John perseveres despite his abnormality.

 Little Bit (Erica) above and below... 1st Grader.

 Messin' with Ethan.

 Above and below.... AMAZEMENT.

 See all my faces..................................

 Post turkey trauma.
 The boy has moves.
 Closing now with lazy poses.

Loves Justin Bieber and spinach.