Monday, January 30, 2012

Fannie and Nema, Sisters, Knob Noster, Missouri August 2nd, 1990

One of my favorite images. Toyo View, 90mm lens, exposure unrecorded. T-Max 400 sheet film.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Colonnade, Fog 1994

Heavy fog on this night. I headed up to the Colonnade at the Concourse and with tripod and Nikon F4 took this exposure on Kodak T-Max 400. I seem to remember it was F11 at 1 second. There is a light in the structure and there was a streetlight behind the roof which provided all the light. Pretty good noise/grain in the image which just adds to the effect...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Helen, Dorothy and Princess 1990

A Northeast scene. Two wonderful neighbors who sat in front of the garage each evening into the fall... Toyo View Camera, 180mm lens, t-max 400, exposure unrecorded. Taken September 15th, 1990. All have passed on now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Before Van Brunt Boulevard, A Dairy Farm

These two pictures were taken ca. 1899 and were titled "East Boulevard." They show the proposed site of the newest road to be constructed in Kansas City. At the time these were taken the land was a dairy farm. Cows are visible in both shots and, in the shot above, a barn is barely visible behind the trees in the upper right. Not sure at all of directions in these shots, but, if the lay of the land is any indication, the land slopping up would probably be toward the north. East Boulevard was later renamed "Van Brunt Boulevard." My personal guess is that this is north of St. John and that the ridge in the bottom photo is where Gladstone Boulevard eventually was constructed. There was a large pond where Elmwood Avenue and Windsor intersect that was used for watering the cattle.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lone Tree At Reservoir

From the archives.... bored after a winter snow in February of 1993 I went looking for images.. Drove by the old city reservoir and saw this shot.... which was totally monochromatic.
Drove home and got the view camera and set up for this shot. Took two exposures, unrecorded. Toyo View 180mm lens, T-Max 400 4x5 sheet film. Taken around 3pm with low hanging clouds. Fence is now overgrown and this tree is long gone. I still love film and the simple shots. There is a Pepsi can on the fence toward the right which I desperately wanted to get rid of... but didn't want to track in the snow to do it. I could remove it digitally, but it's a part of history now..... in many ways things were a lot slower just that short time ago.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


And thus it was written in the time of the waning dragon by Tuz the Mayan, "When the contrails meet in the west in the pyramid of the setting Sun God Turkemangal and the House of the Night Sun Dinarkus is half visible in the eastern sky, the end times begin when all mankind will become God dust and devolve into lint bunnies under the cot of Megoth the Pharisee. Know ye by these signs that your fate is sealed for it is written on the Calendar of the 5, 321st year that these things shall happen and The End will Begin in Pendleton Heights." Thus spake the Tuz.