Saturday, January 18, 2020

Hotel Fredric

Yes, no "K".   The Hotel Fredric was constructed in 1916-1917 at 312 E. Ninth Street and stood there until 1996.   If you wonder about the lack of affordable housing downtown, look no further than urban renewal which leveled building after building  that  were or could  have provided that housing with remodeling to do so.   The Fredric was a victim of the urban leveling.  

December of 1994 Brad Finch and I did some interior shots of the Fredric as it was scheduled for
demolition.  In February of 1994 Lloyd Grotjan did the exterior shots.   The photos were for an Historical American Buildings Survey which documented the "destruction" of our architectural heritage.    The color image shows the site as it is today.... we lost housing and gained parking spots.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Flocking At The River

The Missouri River is hosting a Flock of Ring Billed Gulls. Above, resting on a sandbar, below, circling and looking for fish.  They are swift and graceful diving down to the water, grabbing a fish and taking off again.  The 8th picture below shows a Gull with a fish in beak. Nikon D850. Tamron 159-600mm lens.