Monday, May 16, 2022

Fleurs De Mai

The ants are ready for the grand openings  

                                All plants are in my neighbors' yards.  Grant and Melissa and Derek...

                                                                              Feral bird. 

Monday, May 9, 2022

A Bridge So Far

              Contstruction on the new Buck O'Neil Bridge is well under way.  Quite an undertaking. 

                  What the finished product will look like.   This view is north.  Will be finished in 2024. 

While I was there a train came by head east...  Couldn't let it pass without a photo. 

                       Above...supports are in place for the road sections south of the river. 

Saturday, May 7, 2022

933 Mulberry Avenue

 At the corner of Mulberry and St. Louis Avenues there has been a building since 1878.   First was the Ridnour Baker & Company warehouse.  It was constructed right next to the railroad tracks to facilitate easy shipping. It was the largest wholesale grocery warehouse West of the Mississippi.    The first building was flooded in 1903 and a second constructed in 1910.  In 1914 that building burned and was replaced with the structure we see today... After Union Station moved to its present location, the West Bottoms began a slow decline.  That and other factors led to the dissolution of Ridnour Baker in 1936.         In 1978 Weld Wheels moved into the building and used it until 2003.  It has been vacant ever since.     At one time it was slated to be lofts, but the latest plan calls for its demolition.   The above image is a drawing of the building ca 1928. 

                                                          Sandborn map, 1895 - 1907. 

                                          St. Louis Avenue looking West from the building.