Friday, February 26, 2021

Northeast Architecture Gone Forever

Preservation, or actually the lack of it, is in the news again with the threatened demolition of Westminster Congregational Church. All of these historic structures have been lost in Northeast in just the last decade. Often aided and abetted by the city government.  Above and below, the Colonnade Apartments, Maple boulevard

The Apartments above and the three homes below were in an Historic District.   Doesn't mean a thing. 
Home on Brownell.  Lost. 

Apartments on Brownell.  Lost. 

Home on Brownell.  Lost. 

"The Chateau" on Minnie.  Lost. 
Apartments on Lexington Ave. Lost. 
Thacher School, 1897.   Lost. 

 Cates Mansion Carriage House.   Lost.