Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas In Historic Northeast


Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Labor Of Love

This home, built in 1905, has been saved.  Completely restored inside and out.  Here are before and after pictures showing the progress. Note: this house sold in under a week for over the asking price. For more on the history of the home, see my earlier blog post: 

Above, 2008, roof mostly missing, covered in vines and needing paint.  Below the house today. 

                Above and below, four shots of the living room before, and then four shots after.

Below, before and after in the dining room. 

Before and after in the kitchen and pantry. 

Front hall, stair case, and front parlor before and after. 

Below, 2nd floor bedroom before and after.

Below, 2nd Floor Master Bedroom, before and after.

Below, rear bedroom before and after 

2nd Floor bathroom, before and after. 

Before and after, 2nd floor hallway.  

Above, third bedroom on second floor before,  below, after and the view from the "porch". 

Below, staircase to first floor.. after. 

                                           Above and below, third floor before

Below, third floor after including closets. 

Third floor bathroom, below, before.   The third floor would make an excellent master bedroom too. 

Third floor bathroom, after.  

The Carriage House and back of house, below, before and after. 

                                                         Old coal shoot cover, below.