Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

                              Concourse Fountain in Historic Northeast Kansas City Missouri.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Historic Northeast Mini-Mansions Volume 5

Built in 1903 for the President of the Cherokee and Arkansas Lumber Company this home now belongs to Josiah, Mickie, and their new daughter Kathryn.   As with many of the larger homes in Northeast it had been sub-divided into apartments after the war.  Josiah and Mickie, in many cases, had to take rooms down to the studs to restore them completely.   Many of the furnishings in the home are treasured family heirlooms .

Above, the entryway had to be completely redone due to extensive alterations when it was converted to apartments... the leaded glass windows in the house are original.
 The leaded glass pocket door on the right is original.  The doors on the left were obtained from Architectural Salvage.
                  The light fixture in the dining room came from Josiah's grandmother's house.
 The kitchen was one of the rooms that had to be taken down to the studs... the cabinets are from the house next door...
                         Play room/family room.... the small blur at the round table is Kathryn.
 The second floor.   Once a bedroom this space is now a family room... Mickie's library is in the small area on the right.
                                 Above and below Kathryn's room which is very well used.

 The second floor hallway looking into the bathroom which, shown below, was created out of another bedroom and what was the original tiny space.

                                   The bathroom also has a door onto a second floor porch.

 Above, the master bedroom and, below, the stairway to the first floor.   The third floor is a work in
                                          progress and is only used for storage now.

The home sits on Gladstone Boulevard in the Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood.