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Sunday, December 13, 2015

New View

 Newly installed at Lookout Point along Cliff Drive, this fenced, stone lookout provides a stunning view of the East Bottoms at night.   Prospect Point is in Historic Northeast at the intersection of East Lookout Point Drive and East Reservoir Drive.  Below is the view at night.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Foggy Day

A few taken during today's fog.   Above the Richardson Graham Memorial Bridge over Anderson Avenue.
All images Copyright David Remley 2013
Lexington Avenue Bridge in the background with North Terrace Lake, foreground.

Cliff Drive
Cottonwoods on Reservoir Hill

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reservoir Clouds

Snuck over to Pendleton Heights today to take some pictures by the Reservoir. The Neighborhood Association is doing a bang-up job of clearing brush from around and in the old water container. It's looking really nice. Some color and some black and white were taken as storm clouds rolled in. The last shot, admittedly, is not at the Reservoir but at North Terrace Lake.
Nikon D3, 24-70mm all shots, ASA800, multiple exposures manipulated in Photoshop and other software.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tour of Kansas City, Cliff Drive Stage

The Cliff Drive stage of the Tour of Kansas City was held today... racing began at 8:30 this morning and participants in 10 categories went around the 2.8 mile course with varying numbers of laps. Below are pictures from the Pro, Category 1 and 2 race which began at 2:30.Races started and ended at the Colonnade above is the start of the Pro race.
The course went west of Concourse Park and past Reservoir Hill then on to Cliff Drive going past North Terrace Lake and then up Goose Neck and back around to the Colonnade.
Above.... Gladstone Boulevard just after Goose Neck... the Kansas City Museum in the background.
I can barely get up Gooseneck once on my bike.... these guys had to do it 18 times on a 100 degree (in the sun) day.
Above, rounding the first curve on Gooseneck. Below, once you made the top of the hill a cooling hose spray awaited.

Above, passing the Thomas Hart Benton Memorial, below, riders seen through the Colonnade.

Above, Brian Jensen won the race going away... the 5th time he has won the Cliff Drive portion of the Tour. Below... he discusses the race with the announcer.
The Tour this year was a benefit for Operation Breakthrough. The final stage... the Power and Light Criterium is tomorrow.... racing starts at 8am.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reservoir, No Dogs

This is the old City Reservoir in North Terrace Park.   Tried to find info on line to include dates and such but was not successful.  Believe it was built in the early part of the 1900s but wasn't in use very long.   Reservoirs were always built on high ground to ensure good water pressure.  This reservoir is divided in two with towers in both halves.   It's roughly the size of a football field on the floor.   Currently it is mostly just a tapestry for taggers.  

Friday, February 6, 2009

Prospect Point

Shot taken next to Reservoir Hill looking west toward Prospect Point overlooking the East Bottoms.  This area is part of the Cliff Drive Scenic Byway... a Missouri State Byway.   In the early part of the last century the reservoir, which still exists, supplied parts of Kansas City with water.  Located on a high point of land to insure sufficient water pressure.  More pictures of the reservoir in a future post.