Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Pretty Handy Coverup

Saw the head of Neighborhoods and Communities (I love city department titles that don't tell you a dang thing) last night explaining why the Cosby Hotel HAS to come down. Of course I don't believe him... but how convenient is it that when your department is totally ineffective at preservation by enforcement of codes early on that you can cover up your own incompetence by tearing a building down.

If you fix the little things early on than the big things don't fall off.

I got two responses to my plea for help from Will Royster and Scott Wagner.... And to them I give huge thank you's ..... I suspect I'll hear from other government folks after the building is gone.

That has been the pattern in the past.


  1. I wrote a letter to the Mayor and every member of the council. I only heard back from two. And one response was just boilerplate.

    Hopefully something/someone will intervene.

    Russ Johnson, my council member and that of 900 Baltimore, failed to respond at all. I encourage all 2nd District residents to keep the demolition of 900 Baltimore in mind as Russ Johnson comes up for re-election.

  2. Thanks hcd the more we let them know our opinion the better.... I heard back from the two I mentioned above but NOTHING from anyone else, or the city manager.... Like I said above they will all respond with great sympathy as soon as the building is dust.

  3. Most unfortunately, you're probably correct. I am always at a loss as to what needs to happen to bring about a culture change in KC.

  4. If there's not enough time and money to do it well in the first place, there won't be time nor money enough to redo it later.