Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Maintaining the Honor

My good friend Brad Finch has  a new line of work that helps people maintain the appearance of their ancestors' graves.    He, with the most modern methods, cleans tombstones.   He let me watch in Elmwood Cemetery as two stones belonging to veterans of the First World War were restored to near perfect condition. 

                                       The process starts with a good soaking, front and back. 

Above, next a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning solution is applied.  It has to sit then for 10 minutes with constant refreshing to keep it moist. 
                                                               Next is a gentle scraping. 

                                                        Then a soft brush is used. 

A good rinse , front and back. 

                                        Above, more brush, below, small brush for crevasses . 

Another good rinse, final touchups and allow to dry.   The remarkable thing about this process is that the stone keeps looking better and better the more time passes.  Brad's website is:  https://www.gravematterskc.com
Before above, after below.  The soldiers will be remembered. 



  1. Beautiful & Honorable work .thank you for your time in keeping history alive .

  2. This is Russell at FOX4. I love this for a potential story. If interested, please email me at Russell.Colburn@fox4kc.com. Thanks!

    1. I forwarded your comment to Brad. Here is his email if you'd like to contact him directly... or his info is on his website. :)

    2. bfinch@f-stop.com

  3. Wow. That's amazing. Cliff has tried to clean up his parent's tombstone a couple of times, with disappointing results. Their graves are in Versailles, Missouri, though. Otherwise, I'd gladly pay this guy to clean it up. There's a tree very near the grave, and I think that's what causes the tombstone to look as bad as it does.