Saturday, June 8, 2024

Kawsmouth River Carnival 2024

1st Annual Kawsmouth River Carnival was held today (  6/8 )  Entrants paddled from  Kaw Point to Riverfront Park.   KCFD water rescue was on hand to provide aide if needed as was the Missouri Highway Patrol.  The photos were al taken at Riverfront Park. 

Above, Dorri Partain of the Northeast News was cheering on the contestants with a stolen balloon. 

                                           Above, one of two rescues that I know of.  

Above and below.  A hot tub was one of the vessels.  Manned by a crew with brooms.   All was well until they sailed right by the boat dock and had to be rescued before continuation on to St. Louis. 

                                                 Above, there was a band on a boat. 


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